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Welcome to Paddle Second Chance 2016
Early Register ($50 now vs.$ 65 latter )  is now open for another Paddle Second Chance (PSC) landmark event of fun racing and fund raising for a worthy cause Operation Second Chance (OSC). OSC is a non-profit group committed to serving our wounded veterans and their families’ recovery and transition back to active duty or civilian life. They truly do amazing work and 91% of the funds raised go directly to wounded veterans and their families. This year we will be opening up the race to Kayak participants, changing up the Elite 5.0 Mile course, beefing up pre-race events at the Starboard and returnig with our signature SUPSquatch team challenge. 

Pre-race activities and Happy Hour are on Friday June 24 2016 at The Starboard in Dewey Beach Delaware. Race day is Saturday June 25th at Holt’s Landing State Park, Millville Delaware featuring our Elite 5.0 and Open 2.5 mile SUP and Kayak race followed by our SUPSquatch Team Relay and Kids SUP race. The day will wrap up with an awards ceremony and community picnic for all those in attendance. 

Think Summer, no snow and it’s never to early to get onboard. 


PSC 2016 Chair


Paddle Second Chance 2015 Recap

This classic post from Chris Campagna a Paddle Second Chance alumni paddler captures the spirit of this years event perfectly:

The game is played outside! and I am pretty sure the fight is taken to the enemy in all weather. So we can show up rain or shine to say thank you, raise a little (or a lot) of money for our veterans and have some paddle fun! Go Operation Second Chance!

Erring on the side of caution we did a lift and shift to Sunday which proved to be the right audible call at the offensive line. We had a great showing with some tough competition against Mother Nature who brought her favorite child the Wind with her to our party!  The day was beautiful, the wind overcome by the determination of our paddlers and fun was had by all on giant SUP boards for Coed Team races and a great downwind for the Kids Paddle. “Fun with Meaning” is what this event is all about and we once again rose to the occasion by raising over $ 25,000 and still counting for our wounded military heroes and their families.

Thank you, stay tuned for cool kid picture coming soon to this site and we look forward to doing this crazy SUP thing again with you next year.

The Paddle Second Chance Planning Committee and Event Volunteers

Paddle Second Chance 2015 – 5 Mile Course Race Results

Open Mens SUP 14′


1 Christopher Norman    00:56:22.65
2 Ron Gossard                  00:56:33.54
3 Brian Schmid                 01:01:03.95
4 Emerson Smith             01:01:58.51
5 Erik Kauffman               01:08:41.28
6 Sandy Deeley                 01:13:15.28
7 Christopher Shipp        01:14:54.71
8 Chris Racine                  01:18:43.81

Open Mens SUP 12’6″

1 Brian Meyer                   00:55:35.79
2 Quintin Chiapperino   00:56:25.12
3 Robert Bowman           01:09:51.13
4 Chris Sperry                  01:11:51.91
5 Jason Phipps                 01:12:53.12
6 Rich Price                      01:12:55.51

Open Womens SUP 12’6″

1 Corrine Banks             01:12:07.01
2 Lisa Long                     01:16:05.16
3  Zeina Jeha                   01:18:58.00    4  Julie Mychalus Hussey 01:33:19.45

Paddle Second Chance 2015- 2.5 Mile Course

Open Womens SUP (All)


1 Jessica Morgan          00:43:55.82
2 Karen Apollony         00:46:32.24
3 Carleen Birnes           00:48:01.01
4 Mary Howser             00:50:29.62
5 Adriane Morgan        00:53:40.14
6 Lindsey Bauer            00:54:18.08
7 Malissa Austin           00:54:52.57
8 Crystal Ferrell            00:56:05.56
9 Sara Tassan                00:57:31.29
10 Elaine Fielding        00:59:07.82
11 Maxine Fluharty      00:59:53.03
12 Cortney Butler         00:59:54.86
13 Delia Sullivan          01:02:19.23
14 Valerie Battles         01:04:32.06
15 Amy Walstrum        01:04:51.16
16 Taylor West             01:06:01.29
17 Marye Bloss             01:07:40.74
18 Eileen Kurtz            01:08:54.28
19 Betsy Patten            01:11:11.27
20 Tammy Nutter       01:16:34.53

Open Mens SUP (All)

1 Trevor Raithby         00:34:16.15
2 Charlie Bauer           00:35:59.56
3 Tom Schmitz            00:38:15.11
4 Nigel Raithby           00:41:11.73
5 Chris Campagna      00:43:16.03
6 Jon Albrecht             00:44:29.02
7 Mark Matan              00:46:04.70
8 Kevin Owens            00:47:07.70
9 Billy Harkins            00:47:15.94
10 Shane Strieby         00:49:17.25
11 Brian Costleigh       00:52:06.39
12 Clarke Green           00:52:43.37
13 Ron Sayo                  00:53:41.77
14 Brent Johnson        00:56:01.83
15 Tom Plant                01:02:53.22
16 Edward Engle         01:03:31.03
17 Scott Cooper            01:04:27.82
18 Brian Henn              01:06:29.31
19 Douglas Benner      01:07:46.81
20 Joel Patten              01:14:44.65
21 Eric Moriarty          01:15:46.85

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