Last Year’s Race

Whats SUP Paddle Second Chance! Thank you ladies and gentlemen for weathering the wind/chop and persevering to make PSC 2017 one for the record books! Over 130 paddlers including kayaks, Cornhole Shoot Out and $30,000+ raised for Operation Second Chance and wounded war veterans and their families in DelMarVa. Of course we can’t forget the post game party recognizing our water warrior winners and the rare appearance of SUPSquatch himself. Fun was had by all.

Here are the PSC 2017 race results:
Elite 5 Mile Course – There were 32 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 6 different divisions.

Men’s Kayak
Chung Ha
Clark Wagner
David White
Bruce Wilson
Tyndll Bishoff


Men’s Surfski Single
Steven O’Boyle
Eric Knutsen
Bill Hoker
Gerry Fabrizio
John Zirckel


Men’s SUP 14′
Christopher Norman
Brian Schmid
Jim Calvert
Richard Cubelo
F M Lendor
Neil Macindoe
Erik Kauffman
Bryan Barton
Wyatt Everhart
Luis Dall
Juan Loria
Michael Thomas


Women’s SUP 12’6″
Sarah Nelson
Corrine Banks
Kathy Summers
Lynda Cubelo
Alta Joy Broughton


Men’s SUP 12’6″
Jack Ballard
Kevin Haigis
Jason Phipps
Shane Strieby


Women’s SUP 14′
Malissa Austin


Open 2.5 Mile Course – There were 79 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 5 different divisions.

Women’s SUP (All)
Jessica Morgan
Kenna Oseroff
Julie Coyle
Joy Strieby
Leah Burman
Kimberly Ayers
Virginia Marsey
Delia Sullivan
Laura Burton
Cindy Mcgrew
Deborah Arnold
Linda Grande
Jess Mastriana
Becky Arnold
Ashley Bologna
Sheila McShane
Gretchen Stuecker


Women’s Kayak
Caroline Mann
Kathleen Kistler
Deb Barber
Tami Kelleher
Lisa Bishoff
Nadine Abu-ghannam
Rachel Quevas
Yolanda Holmgren


Men’s Kayak
Nigel Raithby
Frank Himpler
Bob Suter
Chris Wilson
Jacob Mills
Tom Totoror
Jack Durkin
Jack Nicolai
Keegan Flood
Karl Beers
Myles Hudzick
Jack Barrett
Ed Hill
Oray Nicolai
Joey Mascolo
Patrick Fergus
Michael Holmgren
Steven Bergquist
Coleman Johnson


Men’s SUP (All)
Trevor Raithby
Wayne Best
Max Singer
Crispin Blamphin
Tommy Luc
Alex Martin
William Pyne
Nicholas Rice
Scott Cooper
Chris Trecker
Dave Strang
Nicholas Nagy
Joseph Pesce
Jonathan Stebenne
Luke Collins
Rob Estie
Theodore Tarone
Paul Cudone
Stephen Trecker
Diane Kondraschow
Harold Bologna
David Baseheart
Spencer Darby


Men’s Surfski Single
Christopher Shipp
Mark Mills


SUP Sprint 1.0 Mile Course – There were 10 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 1 different division.

All SUP (All)
Nicholas Barrish
Maxine Fluharty
Julia Calvert
Kathleen Fluharty
Robin Verdery
Melissa Wagner
Shawna Kearsley
Jill Lambert
Maria Pesce
Lucille Cavan


Be safe, be cool and see you on the water for Paddle Second Chance 2018. Stay tuned for great PICs and our Drone’s Eye View coming soon.

PSC Chair